What You Need to Know Prior to Your Trip

Meanwhile Charters offers deep sea fishing adventures off the Oregon Coast out of the Garibaldi Port. Here are a few housekeeping informational items and what you need to know prior to your trip:


  • Electric reels, the only way to check bait from 780`.

    Electric reels, the only way to check bait from 780`.

    All gear is provided, but you are welcome to bring that “lucky” rod once we’ve chatted about equipment.

  • Rain gear is always a good idea on the Oregon coast.  I like the breathable fabrics, you never know if we may encounter a drizzly fog bank when it is warm at the port.  There will be some spray from running the boat fast.
  • Don’t forget some sunscreen, even for overcast days.
  • For deep water halibut we use Daiwa 750 electric reels. No more sore arms from tiresome bait checks.
  • I always have bottled water on board.
  • Please bring your lunch and anything else you prefer to drink.  Many people report that ginger ale can help with a queasy stomach.  (Alcoholic beverages are not allowed on our ocean trips.)  It is advisable to bring your lunch in a soft sided waterproof container.  A zip lock bag works well.  You don’t want a soggy sandwich.
  • The ocean conditions will dictate whether any particular trip is canceled for safety and/or comfort reasons. In those cases, we are happy to reschedule your trip or offer a full refund.
  • In order to fish on our boat, fisherman must be in possession of a fishing license and any required tags.  A one day license will have the required tag to fill in for the species, area and date.


Check out our Image Gallery for photos of our trips. To see our boat, visit our Equipment page.